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May 12, 2014

What’s in a consultation?  

We at Solutions, we believe that the consultation is probably the most important part of your visit. It is the foundation upon which we build.

Almost anyone can recommend products or a color choice. Think about your friend who always has an opinion on how you should cut your hair. What makes a visit to the salon and spa different is the time your service provider spends getting to know you, combined with their professional knowledge. The consultation at the beginning of your visit is the perfect start.  

The consultation could be looked at as a contract of sorts. Your service provider promises to listen and hear what your needs and goals are; you promise to be honest and open about your needs and goals, as well as what your beauty/wellness routine is like.  

So lets break down what a consultation in the hair department looks like.   

  • How would you describe your personal style?

She wants to know how you view yourself

  • What would you say is your professional style?

How do you like or need to look at work?

  • What are some interests you have? (swimming, exercising, running)

She wants to know if you are exposed to chemicals like chlorine, as well as if you are in the sun a lot. These things can affect the condition of your hair as well as the outcome.

  • How do you feel about change when it comes to your hair?

Do you like to keep your hair pretty much the same? Or do you like to switch it up pretty regularly?

  • What time are you willing to commit to salon visits?

How often do you want to visit the salon? If you only want to come twice a year, the way she approaches your cut and or color can be very different.

How much time do you spend styling your hair daily?

This is a big one. She doesn’t want to give you a labor intensive style if you like to wash and go.

What is your view on versatility?

Do you need a style that can do something different every day?

  • How do you style your hair?

Do you wash and go or spend a lot of time drying and curling your hair?

  • How comfortable do you feel styling your hair?

Do you feel like you can never get your hair to do what your stylist does? Or are you really comfortable styling your hair each day?

  • What do you love/hate about your hair?

She wants to know what kinds of problems you may be having so she can suggest changes that will make your hair more manageable.

  • What products are you currently using?

She won’t be offended if you aren’t using the products she works with. Knowing what you use is necessary for her to help you achieve the style you want.

  • Do you now or have you ever used color or other chemical treatments on your hair? (color, perm, smoothing)

DO NOT LIE about this part! Not all haircolor is made equal. It is important that your stylist know what chemicals you have used on your hair so that she can choose the right formula for your desired results.

  • How often do you shampoo your hair?

Shampooing can affect the health of your hair and the longevity or your color. Your stylist can also help you with styling on in-between days.

  • What type of water do you have in your home?

Minerals and impurities in your water can have a HUGE affect on the condition of you hair and the way it maintains color treatments. Full disclosure is necessary on this one.

It may seem like a lot of questions, but the more your stylist knows about you and your hair, the better your result will be. Also, the consultation is your time to ask questions of your stylist. She has spent a lot of time becoming educated on techniques as well as trends. There is so much her knowledge can offer you.  

As I said before, the consultation is huge. I illustrated a hair consultation, however, consultations for skin care and treatments as well as body treatments are imperative to achieving a great outcome from your services.   Hopefully this helps you understand the thought process behind a professional beauty consultation as well as it’s benefits to you. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you have on the topic in the comments section below! We love to hear from you!

Skin Hydration: What you need to know.

April 28, 2014

Skin Hydration: What you need to know.

We all want glowing, healthy looking skin. So what do we need to do to get it?

Skin is made up of three layers — the outer layer (epidermis), the underlying skin (dermis) and the subcutaneous fat tissue. If the outermost layer of the epidermis doesn't contain enough water, skin will lose elasticity and feel rough. If you're looking to maintain hydrated skin (and who isn't?), there are steps you can take, including:


  • Avoid overly hot bathes and showers.
  • Avoid exposure to dry air
  • Avoid prolonged contact with hot or chlorinated water
  • Use a gentle cleanser instead of soap
  •  Avoid using skin care products that contain alcohol
  • Moisturize immediately after a bath or shower and regularly throughout the day
  • Use a humidifier
  • Drink plenty of water helps keep skin looking good. Your skin contains plenty of water, and functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss.
Great advice from Heather Hunt, esthetician.

Thinning hair: How to get fuller looking, thicker hair today.

April 18, 2014

My hair feels so thin lately! Help!  

There are many things that can cause thinning hair. Since we aren’t doctors around here we won’t get too far into them all, but we will talk about DHT and some products that you can use to help your hair look and feel thicker. Stylist Hannah Wright says:  

What is DHT?  

Dihydrotestostrone is an androgen (type of hormone) that plays a major role in hair thinning and loss. Our hair follicles have a sensitivity to DHT. When exposed to too much, the follicles will shrink resulting in a shorter lifespan and abnormal hair production.  

The new Plumping line from Kevin.Murphy is specially designed to help thicken thinning hair. It also contains nettle extract, which helps reduce DHT and prevents hair loss. The line also is sulfate-free which is color safe, and paraben-free, which leads to less build up on the hair.  


High in iron: Nourishing to hair follicles Thickening Exfoliating Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp  
Contains amino acids: Growth accelerator Maintains integrity of hair’s health  
Rich in nettle extract: Reduces DHT Prevents hair loss  


  • Penetrates and strengthens hair while creating a protective shield even in extreme humidity. 
  • Helps your scalp manufacture healthy hair, therefore reducing hair loss. 
  • Contains biotin, which aids in hair growth. 
  • Tripeptides bind to hair to close up split ends and swell the hair shaft making it feel thicker. 
  • Shea butter moisturizes and protects against weather damage.    

Body.Mass leave-in plumping treatment

This treatment uses eyelash thickening and lengthening technology to strengthen hair, making your hair appear thicker and fuller instantly whilst improving the quality over time.
For more information on these products talk to your stylist or visit www.kevinmurphy.com.au/home.php